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Everything you need to know about Ends and Beginnings is located here!
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Character auditions that are not yet verified.


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Character applications are moved here once they are verified.

Extended Bios

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Where the glaring application and glaring threads are found.
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City Aerials

High Rises
Skyscrapers that tower over the city, overlooking residential and commercial zones. These are quiet places with large, empty rooms usually void of other animals except for birds.
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The rooftops of a large, quiet neighborhood. Houses are close by, making it easy to leap from one to the other.
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City Innards

Construction Site
An in-progress construction site, vast, taking up a large plot of land. The bones of a building lie in the center, and large pieces of construction equipment are scattered around. The site is fenced off with chain-link, but a few gaps can be found at the bottom, and the fence is also not hard to climb.
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The houses positioned close together. Some roofs are flat while others are sloped, but climbing onto them isn't quite a challenge, but it must be done with caution as some of the ceilings have started to cave in. Fences separate the yards, but also create a roadway between the houses. Windows and doors on most houses are shattered and broken down, giving a nice quiet place to hide.
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An open park with trees bordering what was once a field of grass. Grass now only grows in sparse patches and the trees are beginning to brown. There is a playground off to the side made with rusting metal and sun-bleached purple plastic. A large sandpit surrounds the playground.
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A strange, empty building with high ceilings and cold stone tiles. Shattered glass lies on the floor and peculiar artifacts sit on pedestals. Sounds echo throughout this expansive building.
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City Underbelly

Almost pitch black and sheltered from daylight, the sewers are difficult to navigate, but it is often safe from non-feline threats. Water from big storms collects here, making it even more dangerous.There are rumors about all sorts of strange creatures living down here . . .
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City Outskirts

Long, winding highways lead out of the towering city. Surrounding the city is a vast expanse of desert and rural homes, but it seems that nothing survives there, and it's just covered with dust. Why anyone would come here is unclear.
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